Gifts of Art

Art is appealing in which ever form it exists and the beauty of it lies in the mind with which we look at it. We see with our eyes, yet we can perceive only through our mind.  Being artistic not necessarily means artistically talented but being artistically oriented. My passion in art always taught me to find harmony and beauty in things around while appreciating the simplicity and the perception of others as well. We admire art for the sake of its beauty. It does not matter what one owns or where one procures it from.

I truly believe art is not just about decor, but ambiance, to bring in a sense of warmth, and aesthetics to our living spaces. One can also create this ambiance easily even without the display of expensive art or artifacts.

Every home has its own language, charm, depth and appeal. And homes are made by the people who have their own perception, taste and priorities in life.  One need not necessarily be an artistic intellect to appreciate and own art. All one need is an eye for beauty and more importantly an open mind to admire and appreciate. Perception is subjective. There is an oriental saying “uncluttered houses and uncluttered minds go together” is true in every sense. How often we notice, acknowledge or appreciate things people do around us?  I had come across some connoisseurs who take time to  acknowledge, appreciate simple choices around them.

I appreciate tribal art mostly for its simplicity, elegance and its aesthetic appeal. It is an interesting fact that no two pieces of this art are exactly identical. Spiritually, this conveys that things need not necessarily be perfectly aligned to invoke a sense of beauty. In fact its rustic and toned down finish very much compliments the natural environment we live in. It does not create a different world around us, rather shows us beauty within our own vicinity.  The artists use their insight and creativity with skill and make their art resonate with its admirers. Artisans trade their own creativity and talent for a meagre living and yet, their work indicates nothing about their quality of life. “True artists should create beautiful things, but should put nothing of their life into them.” ― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

We know that the true value of art is not on its price tags. However, it lies in the satisfaction one derives from it. To me, the more its simplicity, the more repose it adds to the ambiance. I always remember that homes should be welcoming with a pleasing ambiance and often reflect the minds of people and nothing more! The decor in a house does not necessarily reflect the happiness index or the quality of life. We make our surroundings beautiful for more light and air that brings in lot of positive energy which lightens up our living spaces and minds.

I had often come across some beautiful homes designed with minimal art and furniture while creating enough open spaces for natural light and air. Their down-to-earth creativity highlighted their love for simplicity and their sense of aesthetics. Every such home had taught me something new, to admire, acknowledge and appreicate simple choices in life!

Whatever form of art we prefer and for whatever reason we bring art into our lives, it surely adds some perspective and balance to our lives. I consider art as most gratifying for it very much satisfies its purpose.

_“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”–Pablo Picasso.